Marissa Rivera has been dancing for over 13 years training in different styles such as contemporary, modern, jazz, salsa, bachata and others. Although she has studied in many forms of dance, her true passion is rooted in Social Dance forms. She has attained several accomplishments within this world of dance. Marissa competed in the 2014 World Latin Dance Cup in the Pro-Am Salsa division. She was apart of the Alma Latina Intermediate and Semi-Pro Bachata Teams under the direction of Karol Tatiana and Zweli Barton. She performed with Alma Latina at Bachatu 2015 in the Dominican Republic where 2 new performances were debuted. Marissa competed in the 2016 US Zouk Open and was placed in the Top 3.

Marissa is trained in Brazilian Zouk Lambada by world renowned dancers Shani Mayer and Ivo Vieira. She was also formerly a member of Shani and Ivo’s Zouk and Kizomba instructor’s team. Within this team she facilitated their weekly dance classes and helped coordinate with their out and Kizomba performance teams. Marissa spent a month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil training with “the Queen of Zouk” ,Renata Peçanha, at her studio and has also privately trained with Zouk instructors such as Paloma Alves, Bruno Galhardo, Leo Neeves and Becky Neeves.

Along with training and teaching, Marissa’s goal is to bring the social dance communities together. Her passion for dance is universal and she wants to share that with her students. She believes that body says what words cannot. She has committed herself to not only bring dance communities together but to also ignite that passion for dance and culture in everyone she meets. Marissa imparts an understanding and respect for dance and its beauty on her students so that they may do the same for others. One of these efforts include starting a workshop called E.L.I.P.S. that focuses on bringing the social latin forms together in one place to promote mutual respect and appreciation. It’s a healthy exchange of cultures that helps bridge the gap between the different styles of dance as it also reflects the similarities in each style that bring them together. It E.L.I.P.S. featured new master teachers from Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba.

Marissa has taught has taught and performed at events such as College Salsa Congress, LA Zouk Congress, Unified On2 Social, LA Summer Bachata, NYC Zouk Festival, Zouk Limited, and DC Zouk Congress.


Latin Dance

Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Brazilian Zouk.

Jazz and Modern

Over 12 years of experience dancing.

Ballet, Comtemporary and Hip-Hop

Zumba Fitness

Certified to teach and lead an official Zumba Fitness class.

Dance Training

2015 - ISDC Teacher Training Program

An exclusive program with hand pick dancers to become a part of ISDC. Dancers both assisted and taught along side Master Dance Instructors Ivo Viera and Shani Mayer.

2015 - Mt. SAC Dance Teacher Certification Program

This Certificate is intended to prepare students for careers as dance instructors in private dance studios, recreation centers and other community programs.

2013 - Zumba Fitness Certification

Official Zumba Certification class with experts in the field.

2013 - Jose Limon Technique Intensive

California State University Long Beach 2 Week long dance intensive focused on Jose Limón Technique. Each day of the intensive was four hours long with 2 dance classes per day. At the end of intensive all the dancers were able to perform two different pieces choreographed by the Jose Limón Dance Company.

Certifications & Awards

ISDC Certified Teacher

California Dance Teacher Certification

3rd Place USA Zouk Open

Zumba Fitness Instructor